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About Dr. Harb

1st of December 1975 ; MB Bch, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.

1st of March 1976- 28th of February 1977 Internship in Cairo University Hosp..( Kasr El- Aini).

3rd of May 1979 ; Submitting and acceptance of Mastership thesis in front of Board of Exeminers in partial fulfillment to the MSc. final examination.

1st of May 1980; Mastership in Dermatology and Venereology, after passing the second part examination.

18th of January 1982; Registration of MD (Doctorate) thesis in partial fulfillment to the final MD examination.

8th of May 1985; Submitting and acceptance of MD ( Doctorate) thesis in front of Board of Examiners as partial fulfillment to the final MD examination.

3rd. of May 1987; Passing the second and final MD ( Doctorate) examination

1st of March 1977 : - Senior House Officer (SHO) in the Department to of Venereology and Andrology, Cairo
30th of Nov. 1977 Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.

1st of December 1977 : - Resident Doctor in Department of Venereology to And Andrology, Cairo Teaching Hospital 31st of December 1979

1st of January 1979 : - Resident Doctor in the Department of to Dermatology, Cairo University Hospital
31st of July 1980 ( Kasir El- Ainy), Cairo, Egypt.
1st of August 1980 : - Senior Resident in the Department of to Andrology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
31st of March 1981 Cairo University, Hospital, Cairo Egypt.
2nd of April 1981 : - Resident Doctor in the Department of to Dermatology and out- patient Department
15th of February 1983 : King Fahad University Hospital., Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
1st of September 1981 : - Resident Doctor in “ Male Infertility to Clinic” with Dr. Wane Perry ( MRCP),
15th of February 1983 Assistant Professor of Medicine and Consultant Endocrinologist, King Fahad

University Hospital, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. ( The idea of this clinic was mine and it was a pioneering idea. It was the first to render such a service in the Kingdom)

15th of February 1983 : - Attachment in the Department of Andrology to Sexology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases,15th of October 1983 Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. ( It included 12 clinics per week and six hours course daily)

1st of November 1983 : - Resident in the Department of Dermatology to at King Fahad University Hospital, Al-Khobar 28th of February 1984 Saudi Arabia.

1st of March 1984 : - Assistant Specialist, Dept. of Dermatology to at King Fahad University Hospital, 18th of Novemver 1988 Al- Khobar Saudi Arabia.

18th of November 1988 : - First Specialist; in Dermatology, Andrology to and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinics. 29th of July 1991 Gulf Medical Center, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

30th of May 1989 : - Clinical Lecturer, Department of Dermatology to King Faisal University ( Dammam) and King
July 1996 Fahad University Hospital, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

30th of July 1991 : - Consultant, Dermatology, Andrology and to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. June 1996 Gulf Medical Center, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

July 1996 : - Consultant Dermatology, Andrology & STDs to Al-Khobar Clinics, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. November 2002

April 2001 : - Consultant Dermatology, Andrology & STDs to Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, Bahrain July ‏2004 Locum ( One day Clinic)

February 2002 : - Consultant Dermatology, Andrology & STDs to Al Esteqlal Medical Centre, Sanad, Bahrain Date

November 2003 : - Consultant Dermatology, Andrology & STDs to Almana General Hospital. Locum ( One day date clinic.)

26th of May 1977 : - Saint Peters Hospital, Saint Gail’s Hospital.
to Urology Clinics and Venereology Clinics
31st of July 1977 ( Under Supervision of Professor John Pryor.)
3rd of may 1982 : - Seventh Saudi Medical meeting, Held in
to King Faisal University, Dammam
6th of May 1982 Saudi Arabia.
30th of October 1983 : - Eighth Saudi Medical Conference., Held in
to King Khalid Military Academy., Riyadh,
3rd of November 1983 Saudi Arabia.
18th of April 1989 : - Third Saudi Urological Meeting- Sponsored by
The Saudi Urology Society. Held in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia
11th of December 1986 : - The Second Egyptian Andrology Congress.,
to sponsored by Faculty of medicine, Andrology
13th of December 1986 Department.
11th of April 1988 : - Continuous Medical Education Program- King
Fahad University Hospital, Al-Khobar. Saudi
Arabia. I was responsible about a session
Entitled “ Dermarosis of Behcet’S Disease.
21st of March 1989 : - Second International Saudi Symposium.,
to sponsored by Ministry of Health, held in
23rd of March 1989 Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I was in the Directors
Committee; I got Certificate of Appreciation.
14th of May 1989 : - Fourth International Congress of Andrology,
to sponsored by the “ International Andrology
18th of May 1989 Society” held in Florence, Italy.
13th of November 1989 : - The Second Conference of the “ Pan Arab
to League of Dermatologists”., held in Cairo
16th of November 1989 Egypt.
10th of February 1990 : - The Sixth Zagazig International Conference
to of Dermatology and Venereology., sponsored
14th of February 1990 by Zagazig University., held in Cairo, Egypt
22nd of May 1990 : - Clinical Dermatology Conference in the
to Year 2000.The conference were held in
25th of May 1990 London, England.
12th of June 1992 : - The 18th Congress of Dermatology., held in
to New York, USA.
18th of June 1992
31st of January 1994 : - Fourth International Sumposium for
to Dermatology and Venereology., organized
3rd of February 1994 by the “ Saudi Society of Dermatology
and Venereology.” Held in Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia.
21st of April 1994 : - Ares Serono Symposia., The topic was
to “ Male factor in Human Infertility” The
22nd of April 1994 meeting were held in the American Hospital
in Paris, France.
31st of October 1994 : - The Ivth congress of the Arab league of
to Dermatologist, held in Cairo Egypt.
3rd of June 1994
26th of March 1995 : - The Thrid International Cooperation
to Councel Conference.,sponsored by the
28th of March 1995 league of Dermatologists and Venereologists
held in Manama, Bahrain.
3rd of October 1995 : - The Xith. Annual Meeting of the Egyptian
to Society of Dermatology and Venereology.
6th of October 1995 The meeting took place in Cairo,Egypt.
10th of May 1998 : - 3rd International Symposium on Cosmetic
to Efficacy.
12th of May 1998 Cologne, Germany.
3rd of February 2000 : - Basic Dermatologic Theraphy & Workshop
to Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4th of February 2000
9th of February 2000 : - 2nd World Congress on Aging Male
to Geveva, Switzerland.
13th of Febraury 2000
13th of October 2000 : - European Society for Laser Dermatology.
Geneva, Switzerland.
16th of April 2000 : - 7th International Symposium
to Saudi Society of dermatology & Venereology
19th of April 2000 Jeddah , K.S.A
11h of October 2000 : - 9th Congress European Academy of
to Dermatology & Venereology
15th of October 2000 Geveva, Switzerland
2001 : - The International Society for the
Study of Aging Male
26th of October 2002 : - 8th Pan Arab Congress of Dermatosciences
to Kingdom of Bahrain
29th of October 2002
6th of May 2003 : - Newfill International Course & Workshop
Riyadh, K.S.A.
10th of September 2003 : - Internatinal Symposium on Multi
to Disciplinary Approach to Cancer
11th of September 2003 Manama, Bahrain
22nd of September 2003 : - Eve 2003International Beauty & Fitness
to Conference and Exhibition
24th of September 2003 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre,
15th of October 2003 : - 12th EADV Congress.
To (European Academy of Dermatology &
18th of October 2003 Venereology). Barcelona, Spain.
21th of march 2004 : - 9th International Symposium
to Saudi Society Dermatology &
24th of March 2004 Dermatologic Surgery
Al-Khobar , K.S.A.
09th of December 1987 : - License from Administration of Public
to Health Service in Egypt as Medical
30th of September 1980 : - Registration in the Egyptian Medical
Syndicate as “ Assistant Specialist .
After passing the Mastership Examination.
1st of November 1980 : - Memebership of the Egyptian Society of
Skin and Venereal Diseases.
July 1984 : - Membership in the “ American Society
of Reproductive Medicine”., was known
at that time as, “ American Fertility
November 1984 : - Membership in the, “ Egyptian Society
30th of December 1987 : - Registration and licensing in the, “ Egyptian
Medical Syndicate”, as First Specialist
After gaining the Doctorate Degree.
18th of September 1989 : - Membership of the, “ American Society
of Andrology”.
1st of May 1994 : - Membership of the “ Saudi Society of
Dermatology and Venereology” This
was after restructuring of the society.
December 1994 : - Membership of the, “Amercian Academy
of Dermatology.”
June 1977 : - English First Certificate of Cambridge
Diagnostic Value of Seminal Vasovesiculography; Clinico-Radiological
Diagnosis of Seminal Tract Obstruction ( Mastership Thesis)., 1997
I was involved in all the aspects of the research which
included Microsurgery as testicular explorations and
the allied procedures, also the Radiography.
The Value and Indications of Testicular Biopsy in the Investigations of
Infertility. ( A review of 300 Cases.)
Proceedings of the Seventh Saudi Medical Meeting,
King Faisal University, Dammam, May, 1982: Page 751.
Evaluation of Infertility due to Varicocele by Semen Cytology and
Testicular Biopsy
Eighth Saudi Medical Conference., Abstract.,
National Guard, 1983: Page 213.
Hormonal Profile of Semen, Peripheral Blood, and Spermatic Vein
Blood in cases of Infertility Due to Varicocele. ( Doctorate Thesis), 1984.
It was one of the most expensive thesis; the hormonal
profile at that time were done by ( RIA) which was the
only accurate method at its, time; I was involved in all
its’ aspects as doing the Varicocelectomies, retrieving
Blood and interpretation the results.
A unique Case of Sertoli Cell only Syndrome ( Letter to the Editor)
Fertility and Sterility; 1985; 4:187.
Diagnostic Value of vaso-Seminal Vesiculography.
Archives of Andrology.1985; 15:187-192.
Vesiculography in Bilhariziasis.
Presented in the Fourth Saudi Urological Meeting.
Riyadth Central Hospital; 18 September 1986.
Behcet’s Disease in Pregnancy.
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Recent Advances in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Presented in the Continuing Medical Education Program, King
King Fahad University Hospital 1988.
Minoxidil in Male Pattern Alopecia.
Co-Investigator in multicentral study sponsored by UP-John, 1988.
Topical, Oral and Intravenous Acyclovier in Treatment of herpes Genitalis.
Presented in the, “ Second Saudi International symposium”, 1989.
The Role of Andrology in the Infertility Treatment.
Annals of Saudi Medicine, ( letter to the editor). 1989;9:4-96.
Intralesional Injection of, “ Tetracosactid in the Treatment of Localized
Vitiligo”. International Journal of Dermatology, ( correspondence), 1989;8:682.
Naftafin, A Topical Allyamine Antifungal Versus Isoconazole Nitrate,
Clotrimazole, and Econazole in Tinea Capitis, Corporis, Cruris et Pedis
and Econazole in Tinea Capitis, Corporis, Cruris et Pedis and Pityriasis
Versicolor. A multicentered, Randomised, Prospective and Open Clinical
Trial. Journal of Pan Arab Leaggue of Dermatologists. 1993;2:93-97.
Naftafin versus Miconazole / Hydrocortisone in Imflammatory
Dermatophyte Infections. ( Clinical Multicenter Study).
International Journal of Dermatology. 1994 August; 33(8) : 570-573.
Micropigmentation in Treatment of Vitiligo.
Presented in the 4th Congress of The Pan Arab League of Dermatologists.
Held in Cairo, Egypt in the period between 31/11/1994 – 3/11/1994.
Pigment Implantation in Treatment of Vitiligo.
Presented in the 6th International Symposium of the Saudi Society of
Dermatology and Venereology.
Held in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, In the period between
19/4/1998- 21/4/1998.
Keloid Treatment By Radiosurgery and Topical Steroid. (a new adjunct
therapy ). A procedural dermatology method in its final preparations.
Research workshop on the methodology of research: Learning by doing.
The workshop was held in the period between the 28th of January to the
1st of February of 1984.
The workshop was sponsored and conducted by team from ( HARVARD
My project entitled as, “ A Research About Idiopathic Male Infertility”.
Was a new dilemma at that time in Saudi Arabia.
1st of April 1986 to the 2nd of April 1986.
Recent Advances in Andrology – Post graduate course; A 10 hours
condensed course.
Held in Florence, Italy.
14th of June 1992.
Laser Workshop- A 10 hours course.
Taken in course of activity of the 3rd Internatinal Symposium on
Cosmetic Efficacy.
Held in Cologne, Germany in the period between 10-12 May 1998.